What Is Custom Jewelry?

Posted on Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 at 12:08 pm by Joe

It’s that time of year that wedding season is slowly coming to a close.  However, with the recent flux of weddings, many young men and women have wedding bells and engagement jitters in their bones.  Thinking about the popping the question is a nerve-wracking time, and there are a lot of big decisions to be made.  First and foremost, you’ll need a ring.  So how do you choose which ring you’re going to present to the one you want to be your life partner?  Here at Bonafine Jewelers, we loving making custom jewelry in Massachusetts.  As one of the most unique pieces that you can give, you may be wondering, just what does custom jewelry mean?


Customization = Personalization

At some time or another, most people have presented a gift to a friend or family that was personalized.  Whether it was a trinket with a memorable date or an item embroidered with a name; the gift was customized.  In other words, personalized simply means customized.  The two are interchangeable.  However, when you dive into the world of customizing jewelry, things can be a bit more tricky.


Choosing the stone

Often with custom jewelry, there is already a stone in place.  For example, one of the most frequent custom stones we see here at Bonafine is a piece that has been handed down over generations.  Whether it was her great grandmothers or his great aunts, it’s a stone that has sentimental value.  Thus, making the ring you’re about to present even more meaningful.


Choosing the setting

However, sometimes there is no stone that has been passed down.  And that’s okay! Perhaps you have a band that lost a stone, or an old ring that is horribly obnoxious.  Enter, customization to save the day.  Experienced jewelers can work with old settings to repair, or replace, lost or ugly stones.


Starting from scratch

Even if you’re creating a ring from scratch, with custom jewelry you have the power to let your imagination run wild.  With an open door to any setting and metal you love, as well as hand-selecting the diamond, your engagement ring will not only be unique, but it will also be heartfelt.


If it’s time to pop the question and you’re considering a jeweler for custom jewelry in Massachusetts, visit our team at Bonafine Jewelers.  As a family-owned business, we’ll take the time you deserve to create the jewelry you desire.  Visit us today at 319 Woburn Street in Lexington and start your wedding experience off on the right foot.