Top Engagement Ring Trends of 2019

Posted on Thursday, August 1st, 2019 at 9:54 am by Joe

Each year we see an uprise of requests in specific designs of engagement rings.  What one year’s trend brings doesn’t necessarily carry over to the next.  Here at Bonafine Jewelers, we have the diamonds that Massachusetts couples are seeking.  Providing premier cuts and custom designs, we can make your vision come to life.  If you’re not quite sure what style you’re looking for, consider these top trending rings of 2019.


Yellow Gold

Although hand-picking your diamond is one of the most exciting processes of designing your engagement ring, choosing the setting is just as important.  When selecting the ideal setting, you’ll want to consider the metal. In 2019, we’ve seen the return of yellow gold.  However, with the designs of today incorporated, you can be sure this ring will stand out from the classic yellow gold engagement bands from decades ago.


Oval Stones

Although oval stones can be challenging to come upon, lucky for you, here at Bonafine, we can meet your desires.  The elongated stone started its reign a few years back, but by no means is going anywhere soon.  The oval-shaped diamond is one of the trendiest and most requested stones of 2019.  One of the best features of an oval cut stone is that even the smallest of cuts can appear bigger than their weight.


Pear-Shaped Cuts

Another increasingly popular cut of the diamond is the pear-shaped diamond.  A combination of a round and marquise shape with a tapered end, the pear shape can make the wearer’s fingers appear longer.  However, because of the unique cut of this diamond, choosing the ideal size and color is best done with the help of a diamond expert.


Antique Rings

Speaking of decades past, the rings of our ancestors are making a strong comeback.  Antique rings tend to be unique as many of them offer custom designs from a handmade artisan.  Not only will these engagement rings spark interest from their design; but their story as well.  What better way to pull on those heartstrings then with a sentimental piece of your partner’s past.


Hidden Pavè

If you’re not familiar with pavè, simply stated, it’s a bit of extra bling.  Small, simple cut diamonds are dropped into the side elements of the ring’s setting.  With hidden pavè, you can create an unexpected sparkle.  Best suited for traditional rings, hidden pavè accents are often incorporated as a bridge beneath the setting. 


For more information on how to custom design your diamonds in Massachusetts, contact the team at Bonafine Jewelers.  Experts in the industry, Joe and his team know diamonds and how to make your engagement ring visions come to life.  Call us today at (781) 862-6111, or visit us at the store in Lexington, MA!