The Top Benefits of Custom Jewelry in Massachusetts

Posted on Saturday, June 1st, 2019 at 11:28 am by Joe

When it comes to selecting the perfect piece of jewelry, the choice can sometimes be overwhelming.  Often our eyes are bigger than our budget.  With the option of custom jewelry in Massachusetts, you can bring your dreams to reality.  Here at Bonafine Jewelers, we will work with you every step of the way ensuring your one-of-a-kind finished piece exceeds your highest expectations.


Perhaps you have a collection of jewelry which has sentimental value but is rarely worn.  If this is the case, consider reshaping the pieces into something that you will be reaching to wear every day.  The initial process can be fairly simple for experienced jewelers.  Your collection of metals will be melted and combined, precious stones cleaned. The fun begins with the next step of designing a finished project that you will cherish for years to come.

Unique Design

Let your creative juices flow with custom jewelry design.  If you’re dreaming of the timeless engagement setting you saw at the big name jewelry store, let the experts at Bonafine help recreate it for a lesser cost.  Perhaps you’re looking for something completely unique, reflecting your personality and style.  In this instance, our designers will work closely with you to bring your visions to life.  Giving every detail significant attention to detail, your finished piece will have those around you in awe.

Sentimental Purposes

Often families will pass down jewelry through generations.  Even if the style of the piece is not something you would generally choose to purchase, these family heirlooms gain emotional attachment.  By customizing jewelry with an equal amount of sentiment, such as an engagement ring, you bring heightened levels of emotion.  The thought and love behind creating such a piece is truly incomparable. 

Full Control

With custom jewelry in Massachusetts, everything is in your control.  From conception to the finished product, you will have say in all aspects of the production.  Often we set our hearts on a piece of jewelry that may be a bit out of reach.  By setting a budget ahead of time, customizing your jewelry allows you to make choices within means while creating a similar finished piece.


Bringing ideas to life, the experts at Bonafine Jewelers look forward to making dreams come true.  Whether you’re looking repurpose family heirlooms or design the engagement ring of her dreams, custom jewelry in Massachusetts will help you achieve your goals.  For more information, visit Bonafine Jewelers online or call them at (781) 862-6111.